My swing is stuck

Ever feel like you’re on a swing but you just can’t get it to move?  Right now, I don’t really feel like making the swing move.   And it’s quite a fun swing.  See how high it’s attached?  That means it can swing very, very high.  But I just can’t get it to move.

The problem with swings is they have ups and downs.  Once you go up, you have to come down.  And I’m not ready to have another down. We’re going to start a 3rd IVF cycle in a month.  Part of me wants to grab hold of this cycle and take charge, but part of me wants to run from it.  NOBODY will know about this cycle, because it’s too hard to explain when things don’t work out.  We have a 20% chance of a live-birth.

When the weather forecast calls for a 20% chance of rain, I usually ignore it.  Take the bike out and enjoy the sun.  20% chance of having a baby.  I don’t want to ignore it.  But how much money would someone pay for that chance?  Apparently, several celebrities will throw money at this chance.  Let’s name a few:  Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Celine Deon, Lisa Marie Presley, Jane Seymour, Marcia Cross, Elizabeth Edwards, Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Nicole Kidman, and more….

Swings are made for sitting too.  Maybe I’ll just sit here for a while and not subject myself to the ups and downs.



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