Pamper Away!

The last 4 days have been spent on my back.  My husband teases me that I’m getting bed sores.  On the other hand, my mom, after I told her I was going to take my husband out to dinner for his 42nd birthday yesterday, said, “How badly do you want this baby?  Then do what it takes.  If the doctor said 2-4 days in bed, you do 4.”  With that, I spent last night and all today in bed.  Cute mom (remember, she had me at 41!).

My appetite has also picked up.  Eating everything in sight.  I guess after having the flu for 5-6 days, it’s important to nourish myself.  Although I don’t think Haribo gummibears and snow-caps count.  Hey, they were at blockbuster when I picked out 8 movies while on valium.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE valium?  Wow, that stuff mellows me out.  I’ve only had it 2x in my life– both IVF transfers.

I’m trying not to get all freaked out about taking HPTs.  In fact, I might even just wait for the blood test on my assigned day.  I’m having a baby, so I know I’m pregnant.  The power of positive thinking.  Think about the ultimate goal, not the steps.  My life is changing for the better.  We’re going to have a baby, and I made partner at my firm (a little late in going to law school).  2010 is the year for me.


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